The schoolteacher – Starring Darya

By John. Made by request

The Schoolteacher. Fetish film

When the clip starts Darya is on the phone with a step-dad for her student. The grades for this semester have been set and the step-father can’t understand why his step-son has got these horrible grades.
– Hello, this is Darya speaking.
– Hello, my name is John and I’m a step-father to Michael.
– Oh hello, what can I do for you?
– My step-son just came home and showed me his grades.
– Yes?
– This can’t be right!
– Is there a problem?
– Yes, it’s, there must have been a mistake here, my step-son would never have such bad grades.
– No this is his grades for this semester.
– No no there has been a mixup here this is someone else grades.
– No this is actually his grades.
– This is impossible, I want to have a meeting with you to discuss this. Can I come over to you tomorrow night and talk this over?
– Sorry no, I don’t want anyone from work to come to my place.
– Ok, could you come to our place then?
– Darya sights but says ok I have plans for the evening, isn’t ok at 6 pm?
– Sure, see you then.

Darya is ringing on the doorbell, the step-dad shouts come on in, I’m in the bathroom. She opens the door and enters his place. He tells her to make herself at home. She walks and looks around at the place. After a short while, she starts to think hmm it’s strange that Michael isn’t here and there is not a single picture of him and no toys, nothing.
She’s got the feeling that this isn’t right… Darya stops and starts to move for the door.
But then he arrives and stands in her way. She screams -“Who are you? You are not Michaels’s step-dad.” He answers – “No I’m not, I’m your worst nightmare…”
Then he attacks her and the fight starts after a while he gets too strong and knocks her out, and lift her over his shoulder and takes her down to his dungeon.
Yes, our perverted friend is back! He has followed Darya for a long time and has tricked her to his place…
When she wakes up she sits on a bench tightly tied to it hands over her head. He enters the room and she screams – “Who are you? You are not Michaels’s step-dad.” He laughs and says – “No I’m not…”
She screams – “Let me go, you freak!” He says – “No I will not let you go for a very very long time. Now I will enjoy you and your big feet…” Then he starts to take the first booth, then the second one. He gets excited when seeing the colorful socks. He starts to sniff them and Darya screams – “WTF is wrong with you? Let me go!” The man just ignores her and starts to take the first sock of. Then the other…
Darya struggles and tries to escape. When he sees the stocking feet he gets even more excited. He tells her that she’s got big feet then he strokes them with his hand. He is so excited now so he starts to rip the first one open. Then he rips the other one revealing both her soles. He tells her that she has very beautiful feet and that he is going to enjoy every second of them. Then he gags her…

After a while, she has her big toes tied together sitting in the same position. He lights a big candle close to her soles. She starts to scream and struggle, this continues for a while and then he returns to the room, he asks if she enjoyed the threat? She screams and asks him to stop. He gets angry and tells her that she must learn to like it. “I will teach you…”

In the next scene, she is lying on her stomach hands tightly tied behind her back, her feet are tightly tied together and between a bar in the bed, big toes tied together. He enters the room she screams – “Let me go or you will be sorry.” He laughs again and tells her to calm down no here is coming to rescue her, then he gags her again. He takes a paddle and starts spanking her ass and soles switching between them. Short breaks when he touches her feet with his hands and tasting her feet in his mouth. And then quickly back to punish her soles and ass again. After a long long time, he stops and removes the gag, Darya is begging him to stop. He says – “No you are not ready yet…”

In the next scene, Darya is hogtied and her big toes are also tied together. He once again enters the room. She screams and begs him to let her go. He doesn’t say anything and gags her again…
Then he tells her – “Do you know what would be exciting? Then he gets closeup behind her and ties a blindfold for her eyes. Now it’s time to enjoy your feet!”
Then he starts to worship those big feet, she screams and struggles the whole time. Then he stops and starts to tickle her feet insanely, she screams laughs and struggles the whole time. He continues switching between worship and tickling. And after a long time, he stops and leaves the poor Darya struggling…

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