Three Fitness Girls Training With Tickling – They Got it in full !

Elena – fitness coach
Rimma – go-go dancer
Tanya – fitness coach
Three sporty girls – beautiful, slim and strong, but today you will see them helpless and tickled. Their feet are tied and hands are tied to the legs. An aggressive and ticklish training awaits for them.
Elena is the girl in the cap, she’s terribly ticklish and she’s shouting, and her feet are jerking from my touches.
Skinny blonde Rimma also responds perfectly to the tickling, her feet are very soft and toes are beautiful. And Tanya needs some time to feel tickling.
Next, I lubricate their feet with an oil and tickle them with some devices.
Elena wildly reacts to everything. Rimma is afraid of a comb. And Tanya laughs from the tickling with a drilling device for a pedicure and a toothbrush.
Then the girls lie back so that their legs pressed to the body and only their soles are visible. It looks very sexy – nice butts and feet jerking. I tickle them all in turn. Wild laughter reigns here. Elena screams from tickling her thighs.
And for dessert – tickling their bellies and sides at the same position. You can see their tormented faces.
The girls are officially tickled!
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