Tickling audition for blonde Rose + stocks

A girl named Rose came to the tickling audition. She tells a couple of words about her sensitive places and we immediately begin to test this young blonde. First I check her well-groomed feet and she starts to giggle. Her toes were right after the pedicure and it’s wonderful!

Then I check her armpits – she’s very ticklish there. But this video will be devoted only to foot tickling.
I start to tickle her feet lightly, it’s very interesting to watch her reaction. The girl is also interested in the process. Her feet can be called average by ticklishness, but I try to do my best and find the most ticklish places on her soles.

In different positions, I tickle her beautiful well-groomed feet (including POV) and I manage to find her weak spots.
In the end, you will see a test in the stocks where the girl’s hands are tied. And here I use a hard brush with cream – at this time the blonde is the most sensitive.

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