Tickling to tears for Leya – Where is our suitcase with money, bitch?

By John

This is our first tickling clip with Leya (never released before now).
Her girlfriends (Tonya and Fekla) are trying to find out where she hides a case full of money. Leya is tied on the bench and a ball gag is jammed between her teeth. Her girlfriends tickle her sides, belly, and feet. They aren’t going to stop and threatening that it will never end until she confesses about where she hides the money.
Leya is going crazy, drooling and laughing a lot. She’s all sweaty and already crying because she can’t stand tickling anymore. The ticklers are biting her toes now and it drives Leya to complete madness.
Enjoy the very first video with Leya!

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