Ticklish Lisenok on massage table and lots oil with a special technique – Long upper body tickling by Alla

A classic tickling on a massage table with a special technique that Alla is fond of a non-stop long tickling, mainly upper body.
Pretty Lisenok is tied by the arms and legs on the massage table. We see how she resists for a while. Then Alla comes and starts tickling her abandoned ticklee slightly.

For the first ten minutes, Alla amuses herself and slightly torments Lisenok’s upper body. She slides her fingers over ticklee’s belly and tender nipples, as well as over her sexy armpits.
This is followed by a special technique using a large amount of oil on Lisenok’s body. She sits behind her and tickles the cutie’s armpits with her thumbs, making her laugh a lot.

Then she reaches her ribs and abdomen and digs into them more and more. She does the same sitting in front of Lisenok. In the end, she tickles her stomach with her nails, crawling right under her panties. First from the front and then from the back.
Lisenok laughs and squeals loudly. She is tickled and exhausted and after forty minutes she finally manages to catch her breath.

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