Tina’s tickle torment on the bench

Approximate ratio of the tickling in the clip:
Foot tickling – 70%
Upper body tickling – 30%

Tina is fixed on the bench. She’s tied and helpless. I prepared her for an intense tickle session and began tickle her feet.
She has a great bright reaction, which turns me on a lot. She twitches as much as possible and squeals. Of the devices, I use a comb, a fork and an electric toothbrush, as well as my hands. After I tickled her feet, I begin to tickle her upper body. Her ribs are very receptive to my touches, so I began to . The poor girl twitches and squeals with laughter. At the end of this rather long clip, I suggest her to choose the device I’ll use to tickle her and Tina selects the electric toothbrush. I ask her to spread her toes and proceed to a thorough tickling between the toes. Enjoy!

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