Very ticklish and very beautiful – Hot Armenian model racy tickling

This is a first tickling clip with a new model – Armenian girl Ada. She will be tickled in a very intense and merciless way. Non-stop tickling is waiting for her.
At first, Susanna lubricates her soles with a cream. Ada is already fixed with belts by her hands and legs in sitting position. She can’t go anywhere. Susanna starts tickling her feet which are very cute and sexy, and ticklish… Ada laughs and reacts emotionally. She’s laughing out loud.

Then Susanna goes to her victim’s armpits and sides – her most ticklish spots. Ada laughs and screams “Hahaha, stop it!” But Susanna doesn’t want to stop, she enjoys it.
Then I join and we tickle her with four hands – her sides and feet. After that, Susanna is still concentrating on her sides and armpits as well as on her belly. Ada’s top is raised up so we can see her soft ticklish belly and navel clearly. She goes crazy from every touch of her navel. So we tickle her upper body together with four hands.

Next, we again tickle her armpits, then feet which became even more sensitive and ticklish. We tickle her and watch her hot reaction on tickling. Enjoy!

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