Waiving Agata’s boobs in the forest – Long outdoor tickling + tickling in the car

By Dero

Agata was returning home through the woods and it was heated when she wanted to stop and take off her bra. At this time, she was followed and watched as she undresses.
When Agata took off her bra she looked around just in case. Her large breasts got free and she felt cooler. She put on her red dress again.
Having gone a little further, they suddenly overtook her and captured. No one heard her in the forest.

Then, Agata was dragged to a tree and tickled, revealing her breasts. Her boobs swayed from tickling, Agata screamed and laughed loudly. The stranger was tickling her waist with her dress up and enjoying the sight of her white panties.
A little later, he hung Agata’s arms up so her armpits became available to him – he began to tickle them with big feathers, and then squeezed Agata in his arms and tickled from both sides. In POV mode, he watched her tits and tickled her breasts, sides, and armpits more and more.

Then the criminal moved Agatha to his car and began to tickle her bound feet. Then he tickled Agata’s armpits and her belly again, sitting in the back seat.
He stroked her armpits and heard Agata’s rapid breathing, she prayed to stop this .

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