When hope gets lost for a second time – Klavdia and her double fail in a cyber operation – Part 1

By Dero. Made by request

The main character is an android. She is an agent for a crime prevention corporation. They receive information from cameras installed in other androids around the world and identify criminals. In case an android is defeated, the corporation has a double, which is a real person who can complete the work that the android didn’t finish.

Android agent – Klavdia
Android Twin – Klavdia
Perpetrator – A man in a mask

SCENE 1: Introduction
Klavdia (an android) is sitting in her office at a computer. She has almost prepared a plan to capture the criminal and is now getting ready to meet him. She tweaks her makeup and tries on silk scarves. She speaks on the phone to confirm the task. The hacker is already approaching the agent’s house and checking for his mask.
When Klavdia the android meets the hacker, they ride in an elevator and seem to be cute to each other.
After a while, she lets in a man who pretended to want to use her services of erotic massage. She leads him to the bedroom to accommodate the guest.

SCENE 2: The bedroom
The criminal tries to eliminate the target and attacks the android. He knows they have a weakness and from a special means, they can be turned off for a while. He has a few attempts to knock out the android. He does it immediately and the android completely turns off. The hacker enjoys the android’s view and transports her to another room to tie to her. He takes out a laptop and connects it to the android – at this time, an emergency countdown launches on and the android turns on again.
There is a fight between the hacker and the android again. The android is defeated. Klavdia the android is tied with headscarves, she lies on the sofa, and the criminal checks her. But the signal of the agent’s defeat reaches the corporation and Klavdia, a living person and the android’s double, steps in.
When the real agent arrives at the apartment, she sees the disabled android. She realizes that she will have a hard time and acts carefully, she doesn’t see the criminal man and gets puzzled. She is looking for him. Suddenly he attacks the agent, but he needs her for negotiations and he moves her in the bedroom.
The hacker goes back to the android to make sure it is turned off. He enjoys the sight and ties her with scarves again. End of the first part.

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