Wild complex tickling for gagged Olivia fixed on the chair

By John

This is a very hot and emotional clip with beautiful Olivia. Bondage, tickling, and gag fetishes are equally represented in this clip.

Today, young Olivia will be tickled very intensely. She is already bound on our special chair with a large number of secure leather belts.
She has a huge ball in her mouth, so if you love gags, you will definitely love how cute Olivia looks with this giant ballgag in her mouth.
I settle from behind and tickle her sides with my gloved hands, feel her ribs, waist and climb her armpits. Olivia is terrified, she has a very ticklish upperbody so she twitches violently. She screams strongly and tries to evade my hands, but in vain. The straps hold her securely.

In the second half of the clip, I change the huge gag on two strips of white microfoam tape. Olivia looks so cute with this tape gag over her mouth. Her big toes are already tied and I’m starting to tickle her bare soles from below and apply a Wartenberg’s pinwheel on her feet. Olivia can’t see my hands, which makes the tickling effect even more unexpected. Olivia squeals violently again and goes crazy with the tickling sensitive arches of her feet. Her heels and toes are also very sensitive and it is a pleasure to tickle Olivia.

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