Xtreme Double Tickling and Crazy Tickle Fight with Anna

Participants of the battle – Anna, 22 years old, 163 cm
And Mila 23 years old, 167 cm
To your attention – the return of Anna (my first tickling model). It was a tickling battle … But everything in more detail below.
First I called three girls to found out their ticklish places. Anna was super ticklish but charming girl Mila isn’t inferior to her. The third girl wasn’t ticklish so she became my assistant.

In the first stage – we tickled Anna and Mila on the soles. After the girls went into the taste they began to tickle each other.
The next stage – Mixed tickling. Girls are tickling each other with full power, and we tickled them too.
The last step was an unexpected and extreme battle between Anna and Mila – they fought with each other and competed in tickling with the full . I’ve seen this for the first time, that was awesome!

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