Yummy ticklish Violetta’s feet – First Ecstasy tickling on the cross-shaped stocks

By Dero
This is the first tickling for Violetta – a new model who is modest, pretty, and very slender. In fact, two important things can be distinguished in this girl – her slim body which is comfortable for tickling, especially the ribs; and very delicate ticklish feet.
When Violetta was seated on a special device, I begin to run a feather over her armpits. She smiles and is very interested in what would happen next. She wears a blindfold for more thrills.
I remove the heels from her feet (which are licked in stocks) and run sharp ends of feathers on her soles. Then I start tickling her armpits and sides and then take off the blindfold.
I pull up her shirt, exposing her flat tummy and begin to tickle her ribs. She laughs and enjoys the process.
Then I get back to her feet and feel a pleasant scent of lotion, I begin to gently bite her feet and tickle her. The girl laughs and embarrasses and obviously likes it.
In the end, I smear her feet with a cream and begin to tickle hard with the comb while nibbling her sensitive toes and licking them.
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